Applause Genie is a bespoke grant writing service for the arts and creative community, writing grants for individual creatives, arts and creative projects and organisations producing arts projects.

If your organisation is a creative business, and the project you are seeking funding for is an arts or cultural project, we can help with your business grant.

If you are considering applying for QLD State Government business grants, such as the Business Basics Grant Program, or Business Boost Grant Program, we do not write these grants.
These are very simple grants for businesses to apply for, as long as you read the application carefully and gather all the supporting information you require.

If you would like Applause Genie to read through your submission, please be aware that you may need at least a week to fix any issues we may find with your application, so plan your time accordingly. We cannot provide feedback the day the grant is due.

If you are a new client, you can book an initial appointment with us here to secure time for your grant feedback.

If you are a returning client, you can log in to the Applause Genie client portal and send a message to either Joy or Andrea to request an Expert Feedback booking.

If you wish to apply for the Business Growth Fund Program, we recommend speaking to GrantsPlus Consulting.
Please note: Most creative businesses will not be eligible for this grant, as it is targeted at manufacturing businesses.

For sporting, community, charity, education and government sectors and businesses grants that are not arts or cultural related, we recommend Lisa Nardone from GrantsPlus Consulting.